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We formed iMagicNation in response to Springfield’s decision to close its neighborhood library branches. The City’s decision eliminated spaces where kids can discover books at their leisure. Since 2013, we have seen other changes that significantly impact the amount of time children spend reading. Technology has exploded and young people are spending large portions of their day on phones and tablets.

At the same time children’s exposure to screens has increased, their access to books has decreased. Many schools now use Chrome books and other technology in the classroom. We get it. Technology is here to stay. We also know excessive dependence on technology decreases comprehension and can result in screen addiction.


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Eli Goodman, M.D.


Since moving to Springfield in 2009, Eli Goodman has devoted himself to his three passions: medicine, community service and writing.

Eli is the author of two children’s books: The White Horse and The Adventures Of Abe, The $5 Bill. He shares iMagic’s mission of making reading magical for children.

Eli earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree at Tufts.
He is board certified in internal medicine and has expertise in: community healthcare, corrections medicine, addictions medicine, hospice medicine, wound care medicine, and medical-legal consulting.

Currently Eli is the head physician of the wound center at Culbertson Memorial Hospital in Rushville, Il. He also conducts weekly internal medicine clinics at Culbertson and at Taylorville Correctional Center

Eli is a long-time rotarian and a member of the Sangamon County and Illinois State Medical Societies.


We have a solution that gives children an alternative to the invasion of screens. We purchased four parcels of property on 16th and Spruce. Here we will build our future home — a place that is truly Magical. A place where children can escape into books and go as far as their imaginations will take them.

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